sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011


Ideal for ecotourism, Huejutla of Kings, is considered the heart of three huastecas or the "Pearl of the Huasteca. " Its name means "place where willows are abundant, is in the middle of the jungle, in a peaceful place, full of folklore and popular environment, becoming one of the most traditional areas in the country. Among its features: abundant rainfall and warm climate, the economic and cultural heart of the Huasteca, and is 170 meters. In its cuisine excels zacahuil the xohol and exquisite enchiladas, in his craft, basketry and wicker rocking seat, among many other artistic qualities.

Clock has a Municipal impressive: a tower with four volcanic stone located in the Plaza Revolution is curious that every hour, rather than ring bells, play the song "Sing" and at 6 pm on "Anthem Mexican national. "Within the ancient architecture and religious uses are the Convent of St. Augustine Cathedral and the Temple and former Convent of the Blessed Sacrament.

The natural attractions have Huejutla are the Ecological Park Las Palapas, ideal for paddling or organize family picnics, and waterfalls Ixcatlán and Montague, where sport fishing.

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